Source Medicine

Source MedicineSource Medicine is a new development akin to homeopathy, based on many of its principles and practices and using a new form of resonance. In this new technology putting information directly into water creates the homeopathic resonance and no substance is ever involved (see PC Resonances below).

Developed by co-directors Peter Chappell and Leilani van Koten, Source Medicine is a not-for- profit UK business for enhancing well being and conscious evolution. It is responsible for development, production, validation and supply of resonances in pill and audio forms as well as training on their application.

The PC Resonances used by ARHF in African countries and other mostly rural areas, are made available by Source Medicine to licensed pharmacies that further produce and distribute them.

For use in the west and urban societies, Source Resonances can be integrated into a classical homeopathic approach. For optimal results, Source Medicine has developed the TIPPs System to address the inherited perspective as well as issues acquired in the person’s lifetime. This approach covers:

  • Toxins – including vaccinations, metals etc.
  • Infections – including long-term effects which homeopaths call miasms
  • Physical Trauma
  • Psychological Trauma – including addressing the roots of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

In addition to this, Source Medicine has a range of Self-help Programmes, Enhancers and First Aid Resonances.

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