ARHF Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

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The activities of ARHF are mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and other rural cultures. COVID-19 started in China and spread from there around the globe and ultimately also reached countries with poor health systems, like in Africa. Together with Source Medicine, the supplier of the Source Resonances ARHF uses in its projects, we have worked hard to respond to the threat the coronavirus pandemic poses to all, including those for which health care is a scarce commodity. This has led to the SR Coronaviruses [full name: SR Releasing Coronaviruses – Supporting evolving through all the effects of all Coronaviruses including MERS-CoV; SARS-CoV; SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19, 2019-nCoV)].

Below you find a short history about the revolutionary development on which SR Releasing Coronaviruses is based, followed by:

  1. a link to the Source Resonance to boost immunity against coronavirus infection
  2. a link to more recommendations on How to boost immunity against COVID-19
  3. a link to Coronavirus Advice for Homeopaths
  4. a link to Inspiration: COVID-19 – a wake-up call

If you directly want to access the several options that have been created to boost your immune system against coronavirus infection, click here.

How the bird flu pandemic that didn’t happen prepared us for COVID-19

In 2005, when a bird flu pandemic was expected, the question arose as to how to get a remedy to all those needing it as prevention or support during infection. Clearly, in a worst-case scenario, with millions of people getting infected in a short amount of time with high rates of casualties, sending granules to pharmacies and homeopaths might be very difficult and slow. We realised that if an epidemic, as the world experienced with the Spanish flu, were to happen today, the world as we know it might stop functioning. Absenteeism through sickness and the fear of infection could paralyze economics. Pharmacies might not receive stock or be forced to close, distribution might not function etc. With this worst-case scenario in mind, Peter Chappell (founder of Source Medicine) experimented with imprinting a healing resonance in music instead of water.

As sound can be added to emails as attachment, downloaded from a web-site, forwarded by cell phones, played on cell phones, computers, iPads, iPods etc., this was thought to be the best option for rapid world-wide availability of a healing resonance should the need arise. Although a massive need for it has not been necessary until 2020, the technique was tested out on several conditions – like malaria, HIV/AIDS, flu, chicken pox and herpes – and has proven to be effective. This sound-based technology is for instance the very basis of LEAP, the extremely successful Learning Enhancement Africa Project from which many African children benefit.

As a result, Source Medicine and ARHF were fully prepared to create a response to the current pandemic of COVID-19, the results of which you can find below.

  1. Source Resonance to boost immunity against coronavirus infection
  2. How to boost immunity against COVID-19
  3. Coronavirus Advice for Homeopaths
  4. Inspiration: COVID-19 – a wake-up call