Support the Africa Malaria Prevention Project (AMPP)


Why the ‘Africa Malaria Prevention Project’ (AMPP)?

Malaria is caused by a parasite and is the most important disease in sub-Saharan Africa. The disease mainly causes casualties among young children.

  • More than 200 million cases of malaria occur annually
  • Approximately 400,000 people die of malaria every year (source: WHO 2015)

Every minute a child dies of malaria

Partly due to malaria, 1 in 6 African children will not live beyond 5 years. Children regularly miss classes due to malaria.

Existing drugs against malaria are expensive. Because the malaria parasite becomes increasingly resistant, they often do not work well enough either. The drugs can also cause side effects, sometimes so bad that they must be discontinued.

BUT…. we can do something about it, NOW!

We are working intensively on a new way of treating and preventing malaria. Without side effects and at very low cost – only 10 cents per child per year!

How do we help people?

When supporting children against infectious diseases and trauma, we use PC resonances – a new advance within homeopathy. The PC resonance used for malaria is very promising.

Case studies and years of clinical experience involving thousands of patients show that:

  • the symptoms of malaria subside and disappear
  • no side effects or therapy resistance has been observed
  • the number of hospitalisations for malaria decrease
  • and providing PC malaria only costs 10 cents per child per year

Why do we ask for your help?

Between 2009 and 2012 we tested the effect of malaria prevention in several countries. The results were so good that in 2013 the “Africa Malaria Prevention Project” started.

Through cooperation with schools, hospitals et cetera we support hundreds of thousands of children and study the results.

In 2017 we reached about a quarter of a million. That seems like a lot, but it is only a start. Around 200 million African children come into contact with malaria every day.

Our goal for 2019 and following years is

  • to help an increasing number of children extra!
  • and to further expand our clinical research!

And that means that in the near future:

  • a strong decrease in hospital admissions for malaria is possible (in a Red Cross hospital in the Congo the decrease was 95%!)
  • lower malaria related death rates are to be expected in regions where AMPP is used
  • absenteeism can fall sharply in schools (research at schools shows that where in a class 4 or 5 children were ill at home every day, that is now reduced to 0, or at most 1).
  • and because children are no longer missing classes, school results increase significantly. An always-average scoring school suddenly belongs with the top schools in the region.

What can we do with your investment?

For €50 all 500 pupils of a primary school can be supported against malaria for one year.
For €100 you help all children of a school with 1,000 pupils for a full year.
For €200 a group of Community Health Workers (a kind of home care) can be trained to implement a ‘door-to-door prevention program’ in their community. The most vulnerable – babies, pregnant women and the elderly – are thus also reached.
For €1,000 a team of African volunteers can be supported with transport and resources to visit schools, collect data and to train and facilitate doctors and nurses.
For €5,000 it is possible to start an Africa Malaria Prevention Project in a new country and start a research project there.
With €7,500 it is possible to produce a professional documentary about AMPP that will be used to inform physicians, nurses, schools, governments and the general public.