The AMMA RESONANCE HEALING FOUNDATION is registered in the Netherlands. The Dutch Tax Office has accepted the ARHF as a not-for- profit organisation and allows donations to the foundation to be deduced from taxes. All donations to the ARHF will be solely used to support its projects.

This is what your donation enables:

  • For €10 one AIDS-patient can be treated for a year and become symptom free
  • For €20 all children in an orphanage can be treated for infectious diseases
  • For €50 we can train and supply a clinic in Africa to treat all HIV-positive clients
  • For €100 we can provide malaria prevention to a school of 500 children
  • For €200 a Community Health Worker can serve a community with treatment and prevention of AIDS and malaria for a whole year
  • For €1.000 we can start a new project in a country
  • For €2.000 we can offer malaria prevention to 20.000 people
  • For €5.000 training and projects can be started in a new country

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In several EU countries (e.g. Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands) charitable tax reliefs have been extended to non-profit organizations registered in other EU member states. Check for the legislation in your country.

If you are a US taxpayer you can make a tax deductable donation by using the button below. Free And Health Children is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and transfers your donation to ARHF.



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Account Details:
ABN-AMRO Bank Haren
Rijkstraatweg 184
9752 BP Haren
Account Number: 422065234
IBAN: NL42ABNA0422065234