How to Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus (COVID 2019)

"One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Henry De Bracton, 1240

An international group of doctors and therapists have contributed to a selection of options on how to prepare the immune system for the current epidemic (possibly pandemic) of the coronavirus labelled COVID 2019. The approaches below aim at preparing the immune system so infection can be prevented or only runs a mild course. They mainly focus on forms of natural healing that are easily accessible.

Depending on your preference and local availability you can select any or a combination of them. An energetic approach (homeopathic remedies or audio resonances) is considered the most essential. Luckily these will always be available to you in one form or another, as homeopathic remedies can be produced in large amounts rapidly, while audio resonances are inexhaustible.

Just like mouth caps, herbal meds and supplements are already running out of stock quickly, but if available, combining a material approach (herbs and supplements) with the energetic one is ideal.

Also, keep your diet healthy, ensure adequate sleep and if you do fall ill, make sure that someone is attending to you so that you have proper care.

You are advised to follow recommendations of the local health authorities on how to prevent infection regarding hygiene, travel restrictions, etc.

Top 3 recommendations

Of the various options below, the following three seem to most closely able to cover the symptom totality of COVID 2019 and are most likely to prevent infection with it:

  • Herbal Medicine: combination of Astragalus, Echinacea purpura and E. angustifolia
  • Homeopathy: Current recommendations are Bryonia, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Gelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum (ordered in likelihood of being called for). In case of infection, individualized treatment by a licensed homeopath is recommended
  • Resonance Healing: Coronavirus Source Resonance

Herbal Medicines and Supplements

  • Any complex supplement that contains Astragalus (Chinese herb used for lungs and immunity). Even better if it also contains or is combined with Echinacea (E. purpura and E. angustifolia), vitamin C and Zinc.
  • Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi or Queen of mushrooms)
  • Neem powder, ideally combined with Artemisia powder (Especially for Africans)
  • Natural Iodine Algae (Iodine is a most powerful antiviral and antibacterial agent)
  • Colloidal silver (a natural antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral agent)
  • Vitamins A, D and C (important for the effective functioning of the immune system)
  • Thyme (strong effect on lungs)

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy has over 200 years of experience in the prevention and treatment of epidemics. Based on that long history and the symptoms observed in patients infected with COVID 2019, it may soon become clear which homeopathic remedies can be used. Here are some preliminary suggestions:

  • Justica adhatoda 3x (or 3d) once daily 10 drops in a teaspoonful of water (increases your IgE levels to fight the virus). (Malabar nut, India)
  • Arsenicum album 30c (recommended by the Indian Governmental Institute AYUSH)
  • Bryonia, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Gelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum (ordered in likelihood of being called for) have been suggested based on symptoms reported by reliable sources. As homeopathic case-taking looks more deeply and widely into symptoms the remedies mentioned are still suggestions. As they are also often called for in treating flu and other acute conditions, you may want to have them available in 30c potency.

If the recommendations need adjustment based on the treatment of many more cases, we’ll update this newsletter. In case you are currently under homeopathic treatment please ask your homeopath for advice about using any of the above recommended remedies. For treatment of an infection with coronavirus with homeopathic remedies it is advised to contact a licensed homeopath. Homeopaths can find a more detailed analysis of the genus epidemicus with more indicated remedies here.

Source Resonance

Source Resonances are an innovative way of addressing specific epidemic diseases and other conditions. This approach is based on natural methods of stimulating immune responses, and is delivered by a short audio recording that you listen to – in this case of sea waves breaking on the seashore.

The Source Resonance offered by Source Medicine has been custom made for the current coronavirus. Source Medicine is a not-for-profit organisation that, together with the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation, has a twenty year track record of successfully working with people with epidemic diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS in Africa and elsewhere, using both audio and pill Source Resonances (also known as PC Remedies).

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Creating Collective Coherence

Homeopathic remedies and the Source Resonance mentioned in the above are based on the principle of resonance. If people around the globe take their remedies or listen to the audio file at the same time, this can multiply the effect and thus help to slow down the epidemic and speed up its exit.

If convenient, we therefore ask you to sit in silence for a few minutes and take your remedy or listen to the audio file at one on the following two times: 10am GMT (Beijing 6am) or 10pm GMT (Beijing 6pm).

In case you use a homeopathic remedy as well as listen to the audio file, then use them at different times of the day and especially play the audio file at one of the above mentioned times.

10am London

10am GMT

10pm London

10pm GMT
This coronavirus is new and, as yet, like any other form of prevention or treatment for it, unproven so we welcome feedback. We are offering the above as a service to humanity. Please share this text with your contacts.

None of the above replaces proper medical care and if an infection is suspected you are advised to contact your doctor immediately. Also, as long as you adhere to recommended dosages, none of the above can interfere in any negative way with pharmaceutical medicines a regular doctor may prescribe.

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