Source Resonance to boost immunity against coronavirus infection


For protection from coronavirus infection, listen to the audio for 3 minutes once, and then repeat for one minute for a week after which you change to once weekly as long as the outbreak lasts.

How to use during infection

If infection is suspected follow your government’s guidelines and seek medical support as recommended. This audio resonance is not a substitute for appropriate medical care but supports and works along with any treatment that your doctor may prescribe.

For supporting recovery from coronavirus infection, also listen to the audio for 3 minutes once. Where there are severe symptoms repeat for one minute every 30 minutes. Make the intervals longer as soon as improvement sets in and stop when fully well. Where there are mild symptoms listen every 6-8 hours.

The audio resonance cannot interfere in any negative way with the treatment your doctor may prescribe.

Listen Online

Wherever possible, Source Medicine recommends everyone use the free personalised, streamed audio on their website. This is especially the case for people with a Western lifestyle as well as for people with complex health needs or high sensitivity. First register on the Source Medicine website and then you can access your personalised resonance and usage instructions here.

Mobile App

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Updated 2 May 2020

Download to your Computer

If regularly listening online is difficult for you, it is also possible to download the resonance here:

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Updated 2 April 2020

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SR Releasing Coronavirusses - Supporting evolving through all the effects of all Coronaviruses including MERS-CoV; SARS-CoV; SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19, 2019-nCoV).

Updated 2 April 2020